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11 Most Beautiful Blue Lagoons In The World

The New Caledonian lagoon (New Caledonia)

Bordered by the world’s longest coral reefs, they are undoubtedly described as “the most beautiful lagoons in the world.” World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

The lagoon of Bora Bora, Society Islands (French Polynesia)

Sublime lagoon surrounded by mountains and reefs, with incredibly clear turquoise water.

Cook’s Bay, Moorea, Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Surrounded by majestic mountains, Cook’s Bay, which is named after the famous explorer is among the most beautiful in the world.

Lagoon of St. Francis, east of Grande Terre (Guadeloupe)

Fine sandy beach and coconut trees, this lagoon offers, through its 150 acres, stunning views, and allow tourists to enjoy various water sports.

The lagoon of Kwajalein, Marshall Islands (Micronesia)

This is the second largest lagoon in the world, encompassing 97 islands, each one most beautiful than other.

Lagoon on the island Mayotte, Comoros archipelago, Indian Ocean (Mayotte)

Called “the lagoon island”, Mayotte offers visitors an idyllic lagoon, due to its beauty as well as for its underwater splendor.

Lagoon of Belle Mare, Indian Ocean (Mauritius)

Turquoise water and fine sand, this very touristic lagoon is ideal for relaxation.

Glenrock Lagoon, New Castle (Australia)

White sand, turquoise water and still very wild, this lagoon is perfect for your heavenly holidays.

Lagon kanoi, Phukhet (Thailand)

Thailand is still famous for its beautiful beaches and beautiful lagoons. We’ll especially recommend for diving.

The lagoon of Clipperton Island, Pacific Ocean.

It is known to be the deepest lagoon in the world, with a 90 meters deep pit.

The Comino Lagoon, Maltese Islands, Mediterranean Sea (Malta)

This blue lagoon is famous for having been the site of many film shootings: Troy, The Count of Monte Cristo, Adrift, etc …

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