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World’s 20 Most Magnificent Bridges To Cross At Least Once In Your Life

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

This is the most iconic building of the San Francisco and is considered to be an engineering marvel. The bridge was constructed in 1937. It held the record of the world’s largest suspension bridge until 1964. Thanks to the this bridge the population on the two sides of the city can be connected.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

This is currently worlds most largest suspension bridge. Before the construction of this bridge, people had to take a boat to reach Kobe Iwaya. However, in 1955 two boats drowned, resulting in the deaths of more than 168 people. The bridge was constructed in 12 years and completed in 1998.

The Pont du Gard, France

This bridge was constructed by Romans in year 50.  In fact,  the Romans decided to bring running water from spring of Uzes 40 kilometers away, using a large underground aqueduct. However, at Gardon river the water had to come above the ground and thats why a bridge was constructed there.

Robeling Suspension Bridge, Ohio

This bridge has been built over Ohio River to connect Ohio with Kentucky. This bridge has been constructed by the famous engineer John Roebling, he was also behind the design of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Rolling Bridge, London

This bridge was designed and constructed as an experiment. The bridge has 8 section which can wrap onto themselves to let a boat pass.

Brooklyn Bridge, NewYork

The bridge was the world’s largest suspension bridge at the time of the completion of its construction. Ironically, the architect of the bridge also died while constructing it.

Millau Viaduct, France

This bridge over Tarn was built as solution of the to the issue of increased traffic between Paris and Spain during the vacation season. It is considered as one of the engineering marvels of modern world.

U Bein Bridge, Burma

This is a 1200 meters long bridge, over lake Taugthaman, unique for being exclusively constructed using teak wood.

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

This amazing bridge employs a hydraulic system by pivoting the sideway to let the boats pass through. This process looks like opening and closing of the eye and is completed in less than 5 minutes. This bridge on the River Tyne connects the Newcastle and Gateshead.

The Leonardo Bridge, Norway

This bridge was designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1502. He presented the plan to Ottomon emperor Sultan Bajazet II. However, the king did not approve the plan. The plans were rediscovered after 450yers  in 1952 by a Norwegian artist. The bridge was then built in Norway.

Gustave Flaubert Bridge, Rouen

This bridge does not open, rather it is lifted vertically to let the boats to pass.

The Millenium Bridge, London

This bridge was closed after its launch due to the shaking problem. However, the most interesting fact about this bridge is that it was destroyed in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince films.

The bridge of Hangzhou Bay, China

It is the largest bridge to be built on an ocean and is resistant to earthquakes. Thanks to this bridge the travel between Shanghai and Nibo is reduced by 3 hours.

The Bridge of Sighs, Venice

This Bridge located over Rio di Palazzo, is a connection between Doge’s Palace and New Prison of Venice.

The Windsor Bridge Cornish, New Hampshire

This bridge is located over Connecticut River between Cornish and Windsor.

Smolen-Gulf Bridge, Ohio

It is well known as the largest covered bridge of the world.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Well if you are jungle lover, you can explore the jungles of Malaysia by walking over this bridge. The bridge is located over the the jungle and you can have a good view of the jungle life below.

The Bridge on the River Sidu, China

This is the world’s highest bridge. It is located over Sidu river on the mountains of Sichuan Basin in china. Do not get dizzy while crossing it as it is 500 feet from the bottom of the valley.

The bridge Si-o-se Pol, Iran

This bridge was built by the famous Iranian Safavid dynasty in the years between 1599 and 1602 in Isfahan.

The bridge Chengyang, China

This historical bridge is a covered pedestrian crossing which was was built in 1916. The bridge is place on the Sanjiang River and connects two villages.

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