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10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Robert Downey Jr. – $75 million

The Tony Stark of Iron man and the very famous detective Sherlock Holmes gets a head start to the list by becoming the highest paid Hollywood actor by averaging $75million on every movie he acts in.

Channing Tatum – $60 million

Channing Tatum has the looks, the swag and everything you would expect from an actor of his caliber. Indeed, the star of 21 Jump Street has a knack of literally owning a role which is why no director hesitates in sending a check of $60 million in his name in order to increase the prestige of his movie.

Hugh Jackman – $55 million

The Australian actor has been the reason behind the success of the X-men and Wolverine franchise and if not for him, we are sure that Wolverine would bear the resemblance of a tame beast. The star of Prestige earns $55 from one project which is definitely a lot of money but talent doesn’t come cheap either.

Mark Wahlberg – $52 million

Mark Wahlberg is an actor better remembered for serious roles like ‘The Fighter’ and ‘The Departed’. However, his performance in surprise hit of 2012, ‘Ted’ led him to become one of the best paid actors on the screen.

Dwayne Johnson – $46 million

Since leaving the WWE, Dwayne The Rock Johnson has forged an excellent movie career and has wooed away audiences in various movies including the Fast and The Furious franchises. So much has he taken to his second profession, that directors are willing to splash the cash in order to get his signature.

Leonardo DiCaprio – $39 million

The insanely talented actor announced himself on the big screen following his exploits in Titanic. Many agree that he unfairly never won an Oscar for multiple roles that warranted one but earning $39 million from one project must be satisfying indeed.

Adam Sandler – $37 million

The original funny guy of Hollywood hasn’t taken up a lot of movie roles in recent times but if a director wishes him to be part of his project, a check of $37 million is the order of the day.

Tom Cruise – $35 million

Blessed with looks, fame, money and a closet full of blockbuster hits, Tom Cruise’s presence simply increases the prestige of every movie which is why he earns multiple millions from every role he plays in.

Denzel Washington – $33 million

Denzel Washington has been a nominee of Oscar including Best Actor. He is one of the finest actors in the industry and his movie ‘Flight’ earned five times of its cost. His unique acting skills see him earn approximately $29 million from every project.

Liam Neeson – $32 million

Modest, but a  powerful performer- that’s Liam Neeson keeps his pace slow but works effectively. His secret is to do low cost, high return movies like ‘Taken’ and ‘The Grey’ and this keeps him on this list of highest paid Hollywood actors.

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