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15 Forbidden Places You Are Not Allowed to Visit

North Sentinel Island

Located deep in the Bay of Bengal in the Andaman Islands southwest of Myanmar, North Sentinel Island is heavily wooded, about the size of Manhattan, and a recognized exclusion zone that nobody is allowed within 3 miles of.

The reason for this is that North Sentinel Island is home to the Sentinelese, an indigenous tribe and one of the last known groups of people on the planet that remain virtually untouched by modern civilization. Though some contact has been made throughout history, the Sentinelese population is unknown, and their language is unclassified and unintelligible.

Area 51

Made infamous by countless works of fiction and folkloric reports of UFO crashes and testing, the Air Force facility known as Area 51 is one of the most well known forbidden destinations in the United States: it’s very name conveys secrecy.

Located 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, Area 51 is assumed to be a classified aircraft research facility, but it is more commonly linked with the Roswell UFO incident of 1947.

Disney Club 33

Think you’re the biggest Disney fan around? Not until you’ve been to the exclusive and elusive Club 33, located in a hidden location at the intersection of Royal Street and Orleans Street in New Orleans Square, Disneyland.

The private club is accessible only to Club 33 members, and is the only place within the Disneyland Park to serve alcoholic beverages. Membership with the club comes with unique access to resort experiences, such as early park admission, complimentary valet parking at Disneyland Resort Hotels, Premier Passports for Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and admission to many private park events.

Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant

The Chapel of the Tablet at the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Ethiopia, is a property of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church that claims to possess the Ark of the Covenant, the gilded chest that contains the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai.

Though disputed, the Ark is kept under tight security in a guarded treasury, which only high-ranking members of the Church are allowed to visit.

Google Data Center

Allegedly, Google’s first data center keeps trillions of data records and has security as tight as any military base.

Coca Cola Vault

Where better to keep Coca Cola’s best kept secret? The Coke recipe has been the company’s single most important possession for over 125 years, and while fans on tour can see the door to the vault, they’ll never see what’s inside.

Moscow Metro-2

Purportedly built during the time of Joseph Stalin, the Metro-2 is an alleged duplicate subway system that runs parallel to the public Moscow Metro. Its existence has never been proven, but US Department of Defense reports have confirmed that the Metro-2 links important government buildings, and an urban exploration group claims to have found an entrance in 1994.

Lascaux Caves

The famous and fascinating finding of the 17,300-year-old Paleolithic cave paintings by teenagers in Lascaux, France in 1940 was a turning point in both art history and cultural studies. Though the extensive caves were opened to the public in 1948, the changing conditions brought on by over 1,000 visitors a day quickly damaged the condition of the paintings, and the caves were closed again in 1955.

These days, a replica is open to the public just several hundred yards away at Lascaux II, but the original caves are at such an environmental risk of humidity, fungus, and black mold that only a single professional scientist or preservationist is allowed inside for 20 minutes once a week in order to monitor conditions.

Room 39

Room 39 is a secret society within North Korea that supposedly operates from within limited-access chambers inside the Workers’ Party building in Pyongyang.

Formed in the late 1970s, the organization, also called the Central Committee Bureau 39 of the Korean Workers’ Party, is believed to be the source of illegal money and therefore power for the country’s ruling family. The society allegedly brings in between $500 million and $1 billion each year by means of counterfeiting, drug development and distribution, weapons sales, insurance fraud, and laundering money through bank accounts in China and Switzerland.

Good luck getting anywhere close to this place!

Snake Island

Located 18 nautical miles off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, the Ilha da Queimada Grande is called Snake Island because it’s the only known home of the critically endangered golden lancehead pit viper (Bothrops insularis), a high venomous type of snake. The island is closed to the public in order to protect this snake population, but also in order to prevent injury to visitors.

A 2015 estimate placed the island’s snake population at 2,000-4,000, or more than a snake per every square meter.

Vatican Secret Archives

Under the private ownership of the Pope himself, the Vatican Secret Archives contain state papers, papal account books, and carefully curated documentation from at least the 13th century, including Henry VIII’s request for an annulment and correspondence from Michelangelo.

Access to the archives are highly limited to Vatican officials and top scholars pursuing academic or scientific research, who must apply for restricted admission.

Bohemian Grove

This private campground in Monte Rio, California is owned and operated by the private San Francisco-based Bohemian Club. The all-male club was established in 1872 and has seen members such as George H. W. Bush, William Randolph Hearst, Herbert Hoover, Henry Kissinger, Jack London, and Theodore Roosevelt– men ranging from across politics, media, business, and the arts, and all highly influential in their industries.

Each July, the members retreat to Bohemian Grove for a two-week encampment filled with old rituals, pagan celebrations, and secret meetings between some of the most influential men in the world, though they are supposed to leave business matters outside.

White’s Gentleman’s Club

Across the pond, secret gentleman’s societies have been around for even longer than they have in America.

Founded in 1693, White’s gentleman’s club located on St James’s Street is the oldest and most exclusive of its kind in London. Famous members include Prince William, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister David Cameron, who resigned from the club in 2008 over their refusal to admit women.


This volcanic island off the southern coast of Iceland was formed between 1963 and 1967 through a continuous eruption. Since that time, the island has gone down in size because of natural erosion.

It was declared a nature reserve in 1965 to prevent human impact from damaging the pristine ecosystem, and scientists have studied it ever since as a fascinating example of the ecological succession of an island.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

Also known as the “Chinese Spy Museum,” only Chinese citizens are allowed to visit this museum because it contains classified documents and information about Chinese spies and equipment.

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